I feel delighted to share the quiet intensity of this new song with you, recorded live in one take just last week at Studio 42 in Brooklyn. I wrote Hazy River this past November in a beautiful mountain house in Ito, Japan (thank you to Aiko Masubuchi and fam), in the bliss amongst the fragrant wood, the mandarin orange trees, the kind people and ocean views. I love this video, it's a simple, direct, and intimate offering of love and opening.

In the mountain house in Ito, I channeled two songwriters and performers I really love and who mean a lot to me - can you guess who? (props to Devin Johnson for nailing it).

Thanks to Alessio Romano and Brandon Unpingco for a wonderful job filming and recording. Thank you to my friends and teachers for the ongoing support on this rich musical journey, with all its peaks, valleys, and ever-expanding vistas.


Lyrics to Hazy River

Autumn Blue - words and music by Benny Oyama

Soprano Saxophone - Yehonatan Cohen