Hazy River

Music and Lyrics Benny Oyama

Filmed at Studio 42, Brooklyn, NY

I feel delighted to share the quiet intensity of this new song with you, recorded live in one take just last week at Studio 42 in Brooklyn. I wrote Hazy River this past November in a beautiful mountain house in Ito, Japan (thank you to Aiko Masubuchi and fam), in the bliss amongst the fragrant wood, the mandarin orange trees, the kind people and ocean views. I love this video, it's a simple, direct, and intimate offering of love and opening.

In the mountain house in Ito, I channeled two songwriters and performers I really love and who mean a lot to me - can you guess who? (props to Devin Johnson for nailing it).

Thanks to Alessio Romano and Brandon Unpingco for a wonderful job filming and recording. Thank you to my friends and teachers for the ongoing support on this rich musical journey, with all its peaks, valleys, and ever-expanding vistas.

Lyrics to Hazy River

Rise With It

Music and Lyrics by Benny Oyama

Filmed and Directed by Idit Nissenbaum and Benny Oyama

The creation of this video began with some bad luck. Something went wrong booking the rental car to go upstate for this shoot, and so Idit and I answered the call to improvise. We took the A train all the way up to 191st street to my favorite part of New York City and created a very intuitive shoot for this song, called Rise With It, written a few weeks prior.

I find the altitude of Fort Tryon Park a refreshing change from grimy-gritty-city. It’s written in the Hudson River, who carries the force of life from upstate New York like a promise of our return to nature. I miss my brief stay as a recluse in that neighborhood - mixed days of stolid isolation, and of a burgeoning new hopefulness. Looking out from the edge of Fort Tryon park, the blue distances of the river foreshadow the coming of a reunion with ourselves.

Rise With It is a song of lovers, questions and answers, and the blooming of surrender in spring-song. "Rise With It", words and music by Benny Oyama, video co-directed with and filmed by Idit Nissenbaum in the beautiful blooming Fort Tryon Park, New York City. Spring 2017, and released one year later on the equinox of Spring.

Lyrics to Rise With It

Autumn Blue - words and music by Benny Oyama

Soprano Saxophone - Yehonatan Cohen