A lush tree grows wildly out and over the roof of a decaying, abandoned building in old San Juan, Puerto Rico, around the corner and across the street from a hip craft beer watering hole.  A Japanese death poem from the 17th century appears inked on verdant green rice paper in one of the old building's arches:

Her hair is in disarray
just as the world is
My love for you will disappear
just as a dewdrop does

Partidas - encounters with Japanese death poems in abandoned and decaying sites.  San Juan, Puerto Rico.  April 2015

Rice paper, ink, repurposed calendars from Kyoto, local incense.  Pieces were installed in the evening away from watchful eyes and consecrated with incense in the morning.  

Art direction and installation by Benny Oyama and Guillermo Ortiz Palacio.  Calligraphy by Masumi Yamada.  

No protected heritage buildings were harmed in the making of this project.  


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